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Application Procedure

Securing admission in reputed foreign universities is a competitive process and takes a focused effort. Many students often underestimate the amount of time and level of sincerity required to apply for admission to a college or university. The mistake deprives you of academic excellence and may abort the entire dream of studying in world-class universities.  We avoid this mistake by setting a schedule for you that begins well in advance of the time considering eligibility requirements for admission.

The eligibility requirements and admission procedures for international students may differ from one university to another. At AE Global we make students aware about that educational institution’s specific eligibility requirements and the detailed admission procedures in their desired program of study.

While applying for the universities that the student has preferred to enroll, we pay attention to subtle details and help prepare all the necessary documents as soon as possible. We provide careful guidance regarding documents needed for making an application - resume, statement of purpose, mark sheets, reference letters from colleges / employers, and passport copy or birth certificate and IELTS/TOEFL score sheet.

For international students planning to study in countries like Australia, USA, Canada, UK, the application process involves a number of steps. AE Global Nepal ensures all these steps have taken sincerely to make the application process hassle-free.

We undertake the responsibility of handling the entire application procedure for the student, which includes maintaining the checklist of all the documents required and keeping track of the deadlines. 

To submit your application to the institution in Australia, we need OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED COPIES of documents. Soft (scan) copies of the original documents may also be required in some cases.  While applying for admissions in Australian college or university a student has to submit the following documents: 

  • Passport (The ID pages showing your personal details and passport number)
  • IELTS/TOEFL or other acceptable English test scores (If not submitted – conditional offer letter will be issued)
  • Academic documents of Year 10 and onwards (Mark sheets, Transcripts, Character Certificates, Migration/Transfer certificates, Provisional/Original Certificates)
  • Work Experience Certificate or other evidences of employment (for applicants who have work experience)
  • Marriage Registration Certificate (for married applicants)
  • Recommendation Letters (Depending on course and university)
  • Statement of Purposes
  • A detailed CV or resume showing your personal details, contact details, study, work etc. This is required if you are seeking entry to college or university. If you do not know how to write a resume, our counsellors can send you a sample format
  • A Bank Draft or appropriate payment proof for the application fee, made out to the institution where you wish to study (application fee is not required in most of the Australian universities/colleges. Our counsellors will tell you if it is needed or how much you need to pay)
  • Any other documents which support your study application
Contact us, we provide step-by-step guide for application process while applying for countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, CANADA and UK.